Teen Mom UK episode 2 recap and pictures: Stephanie's verdict!
Little Lullaby

Teen Mom UK episode 2 recap: Stephanie’s verdict!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Mia giving birth on Teen Mom UK

My heart bleeds for Megan… how could he!!… and then have the nerve to propose to her the following day. I mean come on, where is the respect? She’s hurting bad — I can so understand her pain.

I love the way Mia is going on about how she’s going to hold it down in labour lol. A family christening can’t say I’ve heard that before ?.

I’m glad Chloe is speaking out about how she feels. So often us young mums don’t speak out because we fear judgement… so good on her.

Aww we’re glad @chloepatton_ can finally let all her emotions out #TeenMomUK

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I can understand where both Mia and her partner are coming from but if I’m honest I don’t think he should bring a baby to the hospital. She will be out in no time and he can bring his older daughter to meet her younger sister.

Naomi did well to come forward, I just hope she doesn’t get back with him cause she now knows the sort of man he is.

Do you think @naomikonickova and Raphael will get back together? #TeenMomUK

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YES Chloe well done for doing something about it, I’m so glad to see that a young mum has spoken up about the way she’s feeling and taken action I mean wow amazing… truly inspirational.

I’m on Megan’s mum’s side. I mean, come on, if someone cheated on my daughter I wouldn’t not talk to them neither. Dylan is out of order for not trying to sort it out with Megan’s mum when he’s blatantly in the wrong. Megan is good for sticking with him this long.

We support you whatever decision you make @megansalmonferrari ❤❤❤ #TeenMomUK

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Today’s episode was inspirational. I think these girls truly reflect what us young mums go through, from parents to boyfriends. It’s a eye opener for me to say the least.

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