Teen Mom UK episode 3 recap and pictures
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Teen Mom UK episode 3 recap: Loren’s reaction!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby
Mia: Teen Mom UK episode 3
Mia bonds with baby Marliya (Picture credit: MTV UK)

So, Tom’s in bed and I have just got the chocolate out! And to top it off I’ve just watched the new episode of Teen Mom UK and what can I say, amazing!

Firstly boys and girls, cheating is not good!!! But it seems to be mentioned a lot in this week’s episode for two of our young parents, which makes me feel so sad for the girls. But we all make mistakes and it’s good to see Megan and Dylan trying to resolve things for the sake of their little family and in the name of love!!!

Hats off to Dylan going to see big Mark (Megan’s stepdad) as I wouldn’t like to be in his bad books! I just hope Dylan’s heart is really in the right place.

Congrats to Mia and Manley — Marliya is a dream. I was literally sobbing at this episode watching Manley being a star but… he has done it all before.

You can see Mia is an amazing mum and it takes time to learn the tricks of the trade. Although a mother’s love is natural, the skills and knowledge unfortunately are not, and support and help is needed in these situations, not judgement!!

It’s like everything you do for the first time — it takes time and practice and I’m sure a lot of new mums can relate to Mia’s experience.

I was also so glad to see the girls working on their dreams and ambitions. Naomi looked the part in the make-up exhibition — her make up is always perfect and on fleek and she reminds me a little of Nicky Minaj.

I just hope Naomi realises she is worth a lot more than being treated the way she has been by Raphael.

Meghan with her amazing glitter crafts or “craps” as Meghan might say and Chloe making her dreams come true by breaking gorgeous Marley into the baby modelling business, which I wish them all the best with.

They have all really passed on the ambitious vibes and now I’m feeling inspired.

Last but not least, it is absolutely lovely seeing Amber happy and smitten, hopefully her new man turns out to be exactly what she is looking for as everyone deserves to be in love.

And how cute does Brooklyn look his his new shoes? I just really hope Stephen’s feelings for Amber don’t cause trouble on Brooklyn’s big day in next week’s episode.

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