Teen Mom UK episode 5 recap and pictures: Loren's reaction!
Little Lullaby

Teen Mom UK episode 5 recap: Loren’s reaction

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby
Megan on Teen Mom UK episode 5
Megan enjoys her 18th birthday in style! (Picture: MTV UK)

So I have been lucky enough to get to watch the next episode of Teen Mum UK and it was as good as always!!

So, Megan looked really nice on her birthday and I was glad to see her and Chloe letting their hair down as I think it’s good to have a good night out once in a while.

I believe it’s important for new mums to socialise with friends and other adults once in a while and not shut themselves off from the outside world, they look like they had a ball.

Manley looked like he got spoilt on Father’s Day and had a huge smile on his face, how cute.

But poor Mia was feeling a bit left out as she has to share him with his ex Erin and their little girl. It would be nice in the next few episodes to start to see Mia and Erin getting along as their little girls are sisters, after all they do say you can find a friend in the most unlikeliest people.

Wow, Raphael has took the player game up a few levels hasn’t he? And is remaining cool as a cucumber but towards the end you see Naomi puts her foot down by telling him not to come back until he has officially finished with his ex. You tell him Naomi!!!

Ste and Amber are in such a sticky situation. Ste loves Amber and wants them to be together but Amber isn’t so sure…but they both want the best for baby Brooklyn.

I wonder if they will sort it out and be able to co-parent without any drama. What do you guys think of this week’s episode?? Comment below.

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