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Teen Mom UK episode 6 recap: Alex’s verdict!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby


How are we at episode six? I feel like we’ve just got started getting to know of all the girls and I love how relatable they all are. This week’s episode was full of drama, but the sweet moments helped the girls put their lives into perspective.

Chloe was still determined to get her perfect house and family set up, clearly to the annoyance of her boyfriend Jordan.

I love that she wants to be responsible for her family and offer her son a home, but I completely agreed with Jordan. A mortgage at that age is a big responsibility and I’m not sure she understood that.

I spent most of the time telling her to rent somewhere smaller first. They ended the episode taking a break from each other and Chloe was in bits! It showed how strong their love is and wanted to rush up and give her big hug and say “it’ll be okay, just be patient”.

Sticking with the rocky relationship theme, Amber headed to counselling with her ex. The story is that she doesn’t love him anymore and he’s struggling to accept that and it’s sending their co-parenting right of course. I feel for Ste a lot. He clearly loves her, but if she doesn’t love him, then they can’t be together.

I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t stay together for the sake of your child. The tension can be felt by them and it’s not good for anyone. I think Amber made the mature decision to leave the relationship and to also go back to counselling alone too. She needs to focus on what she wants to do.

Amber wants to become a social worker and as girl who clearly has a lot of ambition and a strong work ethic, I say go for it! She will be amazing at it!

The biggest challenge though this episode I think came for Mia. This episode saw Mia’s mother-in-law talk to her about inviting her step-daughter’s mother, Erin, for dinner one evening.

She was clearly unhappy and cautious of it, but their two children are sisters and even though the two women may not be friends, they will always be in each other’s lives through their daughters. Mia ended up being welcoming and warming to Erin and the two of them hit it off.

It was a great example of two things: one, that blended families can be happy together, under one roof but also, that younger parents DO have the sense, dignity and maturity to deal with these kinds of situations.

Megan and Naomi didn’t miss out on the drama either. Megan finally had her longed-for engagement party, but it was cut short due to family tensions which are clearly still alive after the cheating scandal with Dylan which started way back in episode one.

If they are going to be together and build a future, then all that tension needs to be addressed.

Naomi ditched her on/off again boyfriend, after a great confidence boost in her work life. She took on her first professional make-up artist job and did amazingly!

The employer seemed happy and positive towards her work, hinting at future opportunities. She did great, I’d hire her!

This episode has been my favourite so far. I feel all the girls progressed in their lives and managed to overcome some of the dramas associated with parenting and adult life. I enjoyed seeing Mia embrace the blended family setup and I hope we get to see more of that.

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