Teen Mom UK season 2 is coming! - Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Teen Mom UK season 2 is coming!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby
Cast of Teen Mom UK season 2
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Young mums are back on MTV in Teen Mom UK and we’re so excited to see how they’re getting on!

Teen Mom UK season 2 starts Wednesday 26th July. Mia, Megan, Chloe, Amber and new girl Sassi will share the highlights, low points and dirty nappies on their journeys as young parents.

Here’s a bit about new Teen Mom Sassi and where we left the girls from series 1…


This Stockport girl was 18 when she had her daughter Zena’ya and says that becoming a young mother it has given her a new lease of life: “having Zena’ya was the missing piece of the puzzle. As soon as she was placed on my chest, I finally found what I was searching for…”

Sassi and boyfriend Darren have been on and off for the last four years — she says she loves Darren ‘with all her heart’ because he is a great role model for their daughter.

Sassi is loving every moment of motherhood and is determined to be the best mum she can possibly be. Since having Zena’ya, she says that she’s become a much “softer soul” and didn’t realise that it was possible to love someone else so much.


In season 1 we saw Mia struggle with confidence as a mum as she felt unsupported by her boyfriend Manley’s parents and battled with her feelings over Manley’s ex.

By the end of the series, though, Mia had come to terms with the fact that Manley and Erin have their own child and their relationship seemed to have blossomed — Mia was even going wedding dress shopping! 

She also had an emotional heart-to-heart with Manley’s mum.

Here’s one of Mia’s vlogs that she filmed for us last series — watch her vlog about her magic moments here

In season 2, Mia and Manley have moved into a place of their own, however tensions grow high as their personalities clash.


We saw Chloe battling depression in season 1 and it was good to see her seeking support from a counsellor.

But there was good news in store at the end of the series as her boyfriend Dylan agreed that they should buy a house together.

In season 2, Chloe continues to battle with getting her pre-baby body back, whilst working on her relationship and parenthood with Jordan.


Amber and her ex Ste spent a lot of season 1 arguing — mainly because Ste was not over Amber and resented that she’d moved on.

It turned out that Ste had actually cheated on Amber, but counselling seemed to change things and Ste finally moved on and got a girlfriend.

Here’s Amber’s advice on achieving anything as a young mum in her vlog that she filmed for us back in November…

In season 2, Amber is back on the dating scene, but finds dating as a single mum can have its drawbacks.


We left Megan at the end of last series with some exciting news to share — she was pregnant again!

It seemed like the happy ever after that Megan had wanted after her troubles with Dylan’s cheating and her family’s reaction.

In season 2, Megan and Dylan’s relationship goes from one extreme to the other and with another little one on the way, things aren’t going to get any quieter…