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5 things I learned being a young mum

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In the latest in our ‘Been there, done that’ series, Linda — who had her son when she was 18 — looks back on her time as a young mum and the lessons she learned along the way.

Here’s what Linda says in the video if you can’t watch it…

Right so here are 5 things I learned from being a young mum.

Firstly, becoming independent.

I left my mum’s house when i was 17 when i was pregnant  and i have a great relationship with my parents so i was a bit sad when was leaving but the excitement overshadowed that.

The excitement of having my own place and own rules, no one can tell me what to do, no real concerns about bills or how to maintain a household.

But I quickly learned and I had to learn how to be independent and not rely on my parents anymore because this was my life.

I also learned how to manage my money.

I couldn’t spend like how i was spending before, so that forced me to open up a savings for myself and for my son because if a situation were to happen, it wouldn’t just affect me, it would affect my son as well.

Thirdly i would say personally for me, is that it made me kind of sensitive.

Don’t get me wrong it toughened me up as well, because when i used to live in my mum’s house, She was my protector, if there was a spider on the wall or something she would have to deal with it, I’d be out.

So I’ve kind of filled those shoes now where I have to be strong for my son — I have to be his protector, but it’s made me sensitive in terms of being sensitive towards others a bit more and understanding the a bit more and just being less selfish.

Fourthly, I would say it really, really made me appreciate my parents. 

A lot of the times i didn’t really understand them like the lecturing, the concerns and the complaining but now I get that everything that they were doing was because they wanted the best for me and I’ve kind of turned into my mother now.

I lecture my son — he’s only 8 and I see this vacant look on his face. He’s not listening to me — it’s going in one ear and coming out the other but I really really appreciate my parents for everything they’ve done.

Fifth and final would be having my son made me a lot more focused and a lot more motivated and determined.

I would say before I had my son, I had roughly a clear idea of what is I wanted to do but I was very laid-back about it.

I was like, ‘Oh I’ve got all the time in the world’ but having him was an incentive to go harder. I knew I had to work so much harder because I had him.

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