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Little Lullaby

Tips for taking your baby out this summer

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young mums Shanice and Jayde

Shanice and Jayde from Busy Baby, Happy Baby give us their advice for taking your little one(s) out and about while the weather is warm 🙂

We were both quite nervous about taking our baby girls out when they were really little.

We had worries like them screaming whilst out/on public transport and us being unable to calm them down, or feeling uncomfortable to breastfeed in public places, etc.

So to save you the stress, here are our top tips for going out with babies/ toddlers.

First and foremost… BRING FOOD!

Our little girls are both little piggies and giving them a snack on boring train rides/ car journeys can be a lifesaver.

Also, depending on how you feed your baby we suggest pre preparing the right amount of formula/expressed milk and being prepared to breastfeed anywhere (remember it is completely natural and anyone that doesn’t like it should be ashamed not you!)

You can also get breastfeeding ‘capes’ that we used when we felt self-conscious (not that you should… Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful way to feed your baby!)

Go to child friendly places so you don’t feel uncomfortable

There will be provisions for your baby e.g baby changing and bottle warming.

If you are going somewhere more ‘adult’ we would recommend bringing crayons/toys/downloaded baby videos to keep little ones entertained whilst eating/ travelling on public transport etc.

Planning ahead can also reduce stress!

Always check your journey times and durations etc and go a train stop further if it has step free access as it saves the hassle of carrying buggies upstairs (when everybody walks straight past you and pretends they can’t see you struggling!)

Take someone with you.

Especially if they have a child too, it can be helpful having someone with you who knows what it’s like to be a parent.

Also, be open to making new mummy/daddy friends, kids can be a great conversation starter!

Plan your day around nap time or if you are out for the day try to fit a nap in.

It’s not fun traveling with an over-tired baby.

A bottle of milk or movement such as a walk in the pram or a short journey in a car can get them off to sleep.

Jade and Shanice x