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Useful advice for travelling with children by yourself

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

So many single mums I know are wary of travelling alone with their little one, but it is very possible, and so much fun. With the summer holidays fast approaching, it is always nice to have a holiday booked and something to look forward to.

After surviving a month travelling Australia with my son, Joseph, I have made a list of tips that I found useful whilst travelling as a young single mum.

  • Be confident. I have heard so many people tell me “wow. I can’t believe you took your son travelling! I could never do that on my own” – you really really can! It is just important to have a plan.
  • Make sure you are well organised with flights and accommodation. Make sure you are all ready before you leave.
  • Ideally try and make your flight/flights child-friendly. For example, landing in a different country in the night when you have to get a taxi to your hotel can be problematic and really quite scary when you are on your own. Try and schedule a flight that arrives in the daytime so you know you have options for transport and feel more at ease.
  • Accommodation can be tough to choose. Doing a bit of research before you book can save you a lot of problems when there. Check reviews online to see what type of people stay in that particular hotel/hostel. You may end up in a hotel notorious for having 18-30’s holidays and have all sorts of drunk people taking up the pool. It is nice for the children to have other children to play with (saves you having to entertain them 24/7). Also location is a big deal, check to see how near you will be to the local action, and if it is easy to get to places on a shuttle bus or local transport.
  • Research the area/areas you will be staying in before you go to find some local attractions to entertain the kids. Museums, beaches, mini-golf, water parks etc.
  • Budgeting is important because you don’t want to run out of money. Make a list of things that you definitely want to do while you’re there and have a research on how much it will typically cost. Also shop around! Usually when you get to a place they have cheaper tickets for local attractions. We saved some money by not going out for breakfast. Joseph began developing a love for yummy cooked breakfasts in Australia (high maintenance), however, we were spending loads on food! I ended up going to the local super market and getting a box of coco pops and some milk, and some snacks to keep our budget down.
  • My saving grace whilst in Australia with Joseph was a notebook and pen. I had brought his I-Pad too, but he loved using his notebook to write little stories and design game ideas he wanted to invent when he was older. So cute! I also brought a couple of books with us because he loves to read and he was able to have some time to chill before we went out for tea. Only bring the essentials. The last thing you want is to be lugging Lego and other easily lost or bulky items.
  • Stay hydrated! In hot countries take water everywhere and try and make sure your little one is drinking regularly.

Relax and enjoy. You are making precious memories with your little one which they will look back on and love. It is time spent away from the stresses of everyday life for you to enjoy time together. 

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