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Some babies like to use a dummy because the sucking action can be soothing, but it can have other benefits too.

According to some research, using a dummy when putting your baby to sleep could help to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

However, if you decide to use a dummy, it’s best to wait until breast feeding is established, which can take around 4 weeks.

The dummy should be used consistently for all sleeps during the day and night. It has been found by researchers that inconsistent dummy use may not be as effective in reducing the risk of SIDS – although it is not clear why this is.

If your baby spits out the dummy during their sleep, there’s no need to put the dummy back in their mouth. When they’re awake, avoid using the dummy and ensure that you never put the dummy on a string, cord or any other kind of attachment as this could lead to an accident.

This doesn’t mean you have to force your baby to take a dummy. If you follow all of the other safer sleep advice such as not smoking and placing your baby on their back to sleep in their own separate sleeping space can help to lower the risk of SIDS.

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