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It’s not that easy – challenges I still face as a young mum

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

If you can’t watch the video, here’s what Jayde says about the challenges she faces, including education, work and early mornings!

Hi guys, my name’s Jayde – I’m 18 and I have a two-year-old.

One of the challenges I’m facing at the moment is getting back into education. I’ve been out of education for about a year now and I’m about to start uni in September to study history and it’s really scary because I haven’t been in education for a while.

It’s kinda frightening because it’s just knowing that now it’s gonna be studies, coursework, and then trying to look after a child at the same time. So that’s a big… I wouldn’t say a struggle but it’s kind of preparing my mind for getting back into education.

Whereas before I would just drop my son to nursery and go back to sleep, now it’s more of dropping him to nursery, going to my local library, reading books… just trying to prepare my mind ’cause I know that starting university in September is not gonna be easy. So I’m still trying to overcome that at the moment.

I feel like another struggle that I’m still facing – and I feel like I’m forever gonna face this – is early mornings. So my son starts nursery at 8am in the morning so I need to wake up about 6am, get him up by 6.45 and leave the house by 7.30. And, for me, I never go bed early.

I’m always up until 1-2am and waking up in the mornings is a real struggle. So what I’ve kind of decided to do now is have a structure, not only for my son, ’cause he goes bed at 8, but also for myself, so get in, cook dinner for him, he’s in bed by 8, and I try to get to bed about 10.

So that means I read a book or I do something active or constructive – I don’t know, that could be reading, that could be doing a bit of research – anything like that, and then trying to go bed at 9 or 10pm so that I can wake up early in the morning. But it never works out!

I always end up going bed at 1, 2, and then having to wake up really early. So that’s a real struggle for me at the moment.

For any young mum that’s – not necessarily just had a baby – but feels that maybe they’re not as good as another young mum – or mum – such as maybe they’re not working or maybe they’re not in education, you don’t have to be in work or education to do something proactive.

One thing that I try to do is anything that I’m passionate about – for example, I’m really interested in politics so for an hour every day I invest time in researching about politics.

If it’s that you wanna be a nurse, maybe spend an hour researching about what qualifications you need, or just a bit more description about being a nurse.

So you don’t necessarily have to work or necessarily have to be in education, even though that should be your long-term goal or where you wanna go.

But if you’ve just recently had a baby, try to invest time in knowledge, or reading, or watching videos, or understanding a bit more about the industry or maybe reading a newspaper.

Just setting yourself up for what you wanna do ’cause I know many of you do have goals or aspirations, so just invest time at home, or even if you go to your local library and use the computer for 2 hours.

You don’t necessarily have money – go to your local library, get a library card – that’s what I do anyway.

You can bring your little one with you [and do something] while they’re sleeping and just read or do something which is proactive.