Little Lullaby

What young mums say about breastfeeding

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

We sat down with Ellie, Barbara and Sharna to hear about their experiences of breastfeeding. 

For these young mums, breastfeeding wasn’t quite as easy as they expected…

For some it was because they never saw women breastfeeding in public.

One mum thought it was a bit hypocritical that breastfeeding mums face a stigma.

When it comes to the benefits of breastfeeding, there was one all the mums could agree on!

But they didn’t want to put down those who choose to feed with a bottle.

If other young mums choose to breastfeed, these young parents recommend that you try not to give up, and not to be too hard on yourself if you do, ask questions and seek out other breastfeeding mums to talk about your worries.

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