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Young, pregnant and proud of it!

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Introducing Sarah, a 17-year-old mum-to-be, who’s blogging for us on how she deals with the ‘young and pregnant’ stereotypes and her advice for any young parents who are worried about being judged.

As this is my first blog entry, I thought it’d be an idea to introduce myself, and tell you a little about my situation.

My name’s Sarah and I’m 17. I fell pregnant earlier this year — I was on the pill but it didn’t work after I started taking antibiotics. Although it’s not ideal, I would never change what happened. I believe that what’s meant to be shall be.

In a few scary weeks I’ll have a gorgeous little bundle of joy and I can’t wait! But sometimes it’s easy to feel like another statistic for the ‘teenage mum’ stereotype, especially when people make comments about my situation.

My advice would be to remember that you’re not the first young woman to become pregnant, and you’re definitely not going to be the last. No matter how hard it is and no matter how scared you are about being judged.

Never feel ashamed, and pay no attention to judgmental people – hold your head high.

My midwife appointment was fine this week – I had slightly low blood pressure, but apart from that me and the baby are healthy and happy. As for next week, we’ll be a busy pair so will update you about our adventures of scans and more midwife and antenatal.

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“Society doesn’t tend to view having a child at a young age as a good thing. In reality, there are pros and cons of having a child at any age; no amount of research, planning and saving can ever really prepare you. Here’s why I think it’s great to be a young parent.

Ruth, who first got pregnant at the age of 17:

“‘Seventeen and pregnant! That’s it for her now, she will never finish the course, let alone make anything of her life.’

“This is what I overheard my tutors at college say when I informed them that I was 12 weeks pregnant and fully intending on completing the GNVQ course I was on. I had worked hard to get where I was and hand no intention of stopping.

“Don’t get me wrong, I was not the nicest person when I was pregnant, I felt sick, fat and tired 99% of the time. But the conversation I overheard from my tutors is weirdly what kept me going…” Read Ruth’s full story.

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